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In addition to determining the calories needed to maintain weight, use this as a calorie burner calculator and figure out how many calories you need to burn in order to drop pounds. Use this target heart rate calculator chart to determine your heart rate in four exercise intensity zones. Select your age to find an estimated maximum heart rate and the range of beats per minute in each zone: low intensity, moderate intensity, vigorous intensity and the aerobic zone. Calorie calculator determine your daily calorie amount needed each day, or to gain more weight. Body fat calculator. Target Heart Rate Calculator The medically- based Karvonen formula below is the most precise method to calculate target heart rate because it takes into account your resting heart rate. This calories burned by heart rate calculator is used to calculate calorie expenditure, and have different version for men and women. Besides weight, age and durations, we need Heart Rate during exercises. This page will calculate your approximate MHR from several different formulas based on gender, age, weight and if known your Resting Heart Rate ( RHR). The first set of calculations use the basic formula for MHR. Keywords: heart rate, calculator, weight loss, fat burning, endurance, strength, fitness, heart rate calculator This tool will take into account your sex and age and calculate your heart rate zones.

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    Is a calorie calculator based on heart rate which accounts for age, sex and weight likely to be " reasonably" accurate? 23, 91kg, Male burns 160 calories at a heart rate of 160bpm for 10 minutes.

    I have a heart rate monitor. I believe this equation/ calculator overstates calories for lower heart rates and understates them for higher heart rates ( as a percentage of maximum heart rate). This equation tracks well for me ( compared to other methods of estimating calorie burn) when my average heart rate is between about 1. Heart Rate Based Calorie Burn is based on average heart rate for unknown VO 2 max. It can vary according to the body' s physical needs.

    It estimates how many calories burnt per minute for a person with age, weight and/ or other factors burns at that heart rate. About this Calculator. This activity based calorie burn calculator ( also known as an " activity based caloric expenditure calculator" ) provides an estimate of the amount of calories that you burn while performing any selected activity from our database of over 600 activities. Resting metabolic rate is the amount of energy ( measured in calories) expended by the body during quiet rest.

    RMR makes up between % of the total calories used daily. Physical activity is the second largest factor contributing to daily calorie requirements. Maximum Heart Rate is a measure of the maximum number of times your heart can safely beat per minute ( BPM). This figure will decline with age.

    Your heart rate can be measured by using two fingers on your pulse ( either at the neck, or on the wrist). The American Heart Association defines your heart rate as the number of times your heart beats per minute.

    A normal heart rate averages between beats per minute but varies based on many individual factors. These include your age, height, weight, medicines you may be taking, body mass. Calculate Your Maximum Heart Rate. Knowing your Maximum Heart Rate allows you to set more accurate custom heart rate training zones for the highest level of effectiveness and enjoyment. In combination with knowing your Resting Heart Rate, it gives you a great insight into your personalized heart. Finding your target heart rate is easy with our target heart rate calculator.

    Target heart rate calculation can be determined for any age and activity level, enabling you to use a heart rate monitor and get the most benefit from your workouts. This Calorie Calculator is based on the Mifflin- St Jeor Equation which calculates basal metabolic rate ( BMR), and its results are based on an estimated average. The basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy expended per day at rest. The calories calculator formulas, including calorie burned calculator formula, calorie calculator formula, bmi calculator formula, bmr calculator formula. Calories Calculator Formula | Calories Calculator. The calories burned by heart rate calculator exactly as you see it above is 100% free for you to use. If you want to customize the colors, size, and more to better fit your site, then pricing starts at just $ 29.

    99 for a one time purchase.

    I noticed my heart rate watch gives considerebly higher calorie burning after I update my REST Heart Rate in the settings ( my heart rate when I just sit). It makes sense – if my heart rate at rest is 50, I burn much more calories when my heart rate is 90, rather than if my heart rate at rest is 80. To accurately determine your daily calorie amount above, enter your current weight, age, height, and gender into the calculator. Do your best estimate of how much exercise you will be doing. The results will show how many calories you may eat in order to maintain or lose weight. This calculator will determine how many calories you should eat on a daily basis if you are trying to lose weight.

    Learn how many calories to lose weight safely, and how to lose weight fast.

    The weight losss calculator will only show you safe levels of calorie reduction.

    Through a running weight loss calculator, you may learn that your speed, intensity and overall heart rate will affect your weight loss more than the distance traveled. A calculator can provide you with a great estimate and can help you to customize your running active to better achieve your weight loss goals, but you should focus on all factors. The calculator will not provide an estimate of heart rate based calorie burn below 41% of VO2max ( or roughly 64% of maximum heart rate according to the Swain et al. correlation) because the relationship between heart rate and calorie burn is not considered to be reliable below the test data lower limit. Heart rate is the number of heartbeats per unit of time, typically expressed as beats per minute ( bpm). Heart rate can vary as the body' s need to absorb oxygen and excrete carbon dioxide changes, such as during exercise or sleep.

    The rate of calorie burn can vary a lot depending on some variables. The most influential are your weight and the exertion level. Also, the surface grade matters ( whether you are running uphill or downhill). Age, height, weight, and gender determine a person' s BMR, also known as basal energy expenditure ( BEE). There are multiple formulas used to calculate BMR due to different schools of thought in the health and fitness community.

    The maximum heart rate depends on your age and can be calculated when you subtract your age from 220. Heart rate for weight loss Between your resting and maximal heart rate lies the most efficient heart rate for weight loss. Find out your numbers for BMI, belly fat, healthy weight, target heart rate, interval training, and more.